Monday, September 19, 2005

TalkTeach Like A Pirate Day 

Parents night went swimmingly (the trick: talk enough to ensure that parents get a good sense of your teaching style but have no time to ask how little Mary is doing). This afternoon's teacher-wide GradeQuick training is ready to go. I've fallen behind a bit on grading, but the kids are rarin' at the bit for content, so ahead we go with reserach projects for 7th and 8th, which will get us through everything from Inspiration to Access, Publisher and PowerPoint.

Good: found a sneakaround to access gmail at work, so no more once-a-week. Especially useful, since the in-law dial-up was dead over the weekend (hence the bloglessness).

Better: T'was our penultimate weekend at the in-laws, as we've ten days to houseclosing! Woohoo!

Better still: the newschool practices Talk (and Dress) Like A Pirate Day, charging kids two bucks a head for circumventing the dress code; cash goes to Katrina victims, specifically the family of a kid in my homeroom. Arrrrr! This damn eyepatch makes me walk into walls!

Oh, and I've decided to take on yearbook advising. It'll pay for just under half of our heating oil this winter. Yarrr!

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Seems like things are working out for you at the new school. My first year at Vernon we didn't even have a computer lab by now.

This year we are finally using a file server, so all the upper grade lessons have been about that. Today we saved to it for the first time, and all went well.

The AUP goes home soon. It's funny to think I spent 10 months learning how to "Teach with internet technology" and yet hardly teach them that at all. We are still so focused on word processing, keyboarding, and creativity. 7 years later!

Great news on the house. I hope you will be able to have a better internet connection there than at the farm house.
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