Thursday, September 01, 2005


MAJOR apologies for being offline for so long. We're staying in Northampton weeknights for a while, and there's no computer; no time at work to blog (usually, heh) and gmail is blocked by firewall so I've not even been able to communicate 1:1 with cyberfolks all week. We'll get this ironed out eventually; for now, I've got fifteen minutes 'til my next class shows up, so here's a week's worth of bullets:

1. Housing: Signed paperwork on the loan yesterday and expect to close by end of month once inspections etc. are finished. Happy happy! In the short term, the commmute from Northampton isn't bad, all things considered. Ginny opens her coffee shop early so I can stop in for a much-needed latte on the way in.

2. Work: rocks. Seventh graders are tiny, but they're all bright. We're on day two of defining "computer" right now, which has been instructional for all of us. On the specialist side, teachers are coming in voluntarily -- it helps to have the only air conditioned classroom in the building ('cause computers need 'em, don'cha know). Great stuff to come, great place to be.

3. Family rocks too. Darcie made me lunch today; pre-crawler Cassia and I stayed up late babbling at each other. Willow is a mess from too many moves but has her moments good and bad like the rest of us.

Back in Brattleboro for tomorrow night and through Sun. More then!

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1. Housing: End of the month!? When does that mean you can move in? That's awesome. We put in a bid in March and closed in June. That's great that Ginny is nearby. How is she? I still think of her the little kid I knew when we were all (Darcie 3 years older than me, Alicia in my class, and Josh 3 years younger) in High School.

2. Defining "computer", I would love to know more about that lesson for my classes. A/C, I wish. My room is the HOTTEST in the building. In fact, my room is usually 10-15 degrees hotter than the room next door (also mine this year). It sucks. Do you know of any research I can use to prove my overheated point?

3. If I were a good wife I would make my husband bfast too, but I have a hard enough time making my own.

Congratulations on nearly making it through your first week!
ah - in town for the art walk...

$!#!# darn, wish I wasn't workin' at wal-marts $!#!# electronics section 'til 9.

If ya stop by, I can give you a good deal on stuff we're outta stock of. Anyway, glad to see things are coming into place for you.
Joshua. The man.

I miss you, man. This is Sue. From NMH. And if I'm ever in Northhampton I'm going to totaly crash the party that is your life. But you know, whatever. I'm living in Upper South Crossley this year; working in the archives still. Life is good. I miss you so much!

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Talk to you later! Hope to hear from you some time in the future!

Good luck with those seventh graders...
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