Sunday, September 25, 2005

In The Meantime... 

Discovered Terry Pratchett; am slowly recovering the book-a-night habit. Hoorah for libraries, the best bastion of the broke and nomadic, though why is it that most public booklenders all carry the same two-of-twenty from the Discworld series? Also good: Nick Hornby’s new book A Long Way Down.

See my comment on previous message for why backing up data is a luxury. Comment was in response to oldfriend Shaw suggesting that the loss of my iPod contents was due entirely to my own lack of backup; my case is that backing up can’t be done without serious stability and dough (and time, and space), which we haven’t had for a long, long time. I’d be interested in counterarguments, if you’ve got any, but not if you’re merely going to point me to free storage spaces, because access TO those spaces isn’t possible with no computer. Try plugging your iPod into a public library computer, see what happens, eh?

Speaking of poverty, an oddness in Jonathan Alter’s otherwise excellent analysis of Katrina social factors in this week’s Newsweek seems to suggest that, in addition to multiple televisions and an old car with over 100k miles on it, poverty “luxuries” which contribute to keeping people poor include a refrigerator and a washer/dryer. Excuse me? Having lived at various times without car, washer/dryer, and fridge, I’d suggest that not having these contributes significantly to the eternal loop of poverty; for example, doing laundry “out” means not being able to multitask at home at the same time, thus leaving less time for work, and not having a fridge means having to spend more cash on pre-cooked meals, thus keeping one from being able to accrue the cash that makes for savings, etc. I’d provide the direct link, but I’m on dial-up again.

And speaking of dial-up speed, the everperfect spouse mentions that she has already ordered DSL for the newhouse (even before we have an actual computer). It’s cheap for a reason: reported speed is 150 bps under low-traffic conditions, and do we want them to upgrade our house when they eventually get around to the neighborhood? According to the phone rep, they have to ask, but everyone says yes.

Three days to homeownership. The past ten days have become an exercise in math for the three year old, and anticipation for the rest of us. You mean this many fingers, daddy? Indeed.

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Whoa - wait, I didn't intentionally accuse you of being digitally careless. And I'm sorry if it came off that way.

I'm literally in the same position myself, where I can't even afford a DVD burner, let alone cds to backup my stuff onto. Even for the most important files.

So yea, I can get what you're saying. Although, since I was desperate enough, I found a way to backup files onto Gmail. I backed up a good portion of them on several Gmail accounts thanks to a program I found.

And you've got a nice face. I wouldn't rub anything in it. In fact, if you look on the top of my blog, on that rotating banner, your face (and a link to this blog) is on there.

Two things. One: Have you read "Thief of Time"? Definitely one of my favorites by Terry Pratchett.

Two: Julia Mix Barrington and I are living in South Crossley and considering sneaking (with permission) into the radio station in our basement and doing a "Tribute-ary" where we would tell stories and call you and talk about the past and the future and of course the music. What are your thoughts?

Love from a rainy Hermon,


1. Yes, actually -- just after The Truth, which was also excellent.

2. That would be awesome. Get permission, email me here, and we'll chat.
Happy moving-in day, to you! And congratulations on all you've accomplished this past year!
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hey nice posts i added you to my bookmarks

Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.

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