Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Waiting Game 

No reply from the realtor yet. Darcie seems calm, but inside I'm jumpy as a madman, our futures in the hands of some folks whose house we know but whose faces we've never seen. Hoping the homeowners came back willing to negotiate rather than hysterical laughter, of course; the kids will need new clothes soon, so something under asking price would be ideal. Full acceptance of our real-for-us but low-for-them bid would be wonderful, but at eleven percent below asking price, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high.

In the meantime, I spent the morning two hours south (gotta fix that commute ASAP) at a district-wide training for the new school database software -- you know, attendance and scheduling and things. I'll never have to handle that side of it, but it seemed useful to know the entire information trail from teacher to secretary and back again if I'm to train teachers on grading and attendance input software in a week's time. Happily, Kay (our own school's front office datagoddess) spent the entire time touting me to a whole mess of front-office types from other schools in our district fs as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Followed that with a few hours in my new digs, wiping down surfaces and slamming unhinged drawercovers back into almostplace. The thought of trying to prep and personalize my new classroom in time for kid-arrival Wednesday brings despair, but I'm a trooper. Plus, most of the curriculum I'm thinking involves lab design and mind-to-tool literacy discourse with 8th graders, so maybe it's for the best that the place is ready to be taken apart again.

Bumped into some other teachers, who seemed happy to have me there, though. All were collegial, cheery, and genuinely nice folks to chat with. Looking like this is, indeed, the right place to be. And the constant ego-boosts don't hurt.

Now if only the realtor would call. C'mon, house...

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