Wednesday, August 10, 2005


That would be the Will Smith version, though the living is easy.

One of the last lazy days of rural-life summer, too hot and muggy for real pursuits. Tag on the lawn and a short trip to the farmstand for coffee were the high points of the day. Willow looked so cute, barefoot and towheaded, shirtless in her denim overalls, a long limp bundle of carrot greens over her shoulder. I even gave her a ride home in the back of the trash wagon once the garbagemen had come and gone.

Oh, and I finished Harry Potter. Took me under four hours total, but I'd ask for 'em back if I thought I could get 'em.

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Didn't like HP, huh? That's too bad. It was not my favorite either, but I still enjoy them. I will be so sad when they are finished. I am rereading them all I am 1/4 into #4 (my favorite). I hope to finish 4 and 5 (second favorite) before school starts.
4 hours huh? Speed demon. I'm not a gigantic HP fan either, mostly because I'm less of a fan of anything that becomes uber-sensationalized...I do think however, that it has done good things for children's lit--in that it has hosted a return to fantasy, which is a genre kids love and thrive on. And regardless of the fact that she's now writing because the world expects her to, and each installment is getting darker and more dramatic, I can't complain about a legion of kids & adults alike who wait in line TO READ A BOOK of all things.
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