Sunday, August 21, 2005

So Little To Say 

Most blogging is reporting: internal or external; emotional or analytic; solipsism, true news, or merely mundania. For too long, though, we've been in staisis, drifting on the winds, and there's only so much one can say anew about another late summer afternoon chalking up the old wooden playstructure out back with the kids, another starry moonless night smoking on the back porch after the neighborhood has otherwise fallen fast asleep.

And there's only so much one can say about the future, whether one is reporting fear or merely enumerating plans as yet to go awry. Though I know some will be happy for us when we've finished the dirty deed, too little of you care, I fear, about the utterly dull housebuying process we're about to subject ourselves to. Neither, truly, could you wish to hear about yet another night in a hotel, or the condo we've managed to rent from a friend for the weekdays hence until houseclosing is upon us.

As such, I've got nothin' newsworthy for you. Sorry, folks -- maybe I'll blog from my classroom while I'm setting it up over the next few days, let you have a snapshot of the truly archaic computer lab set-up we're starting with. And I'll certainly let y'all know about Tuesday's projected first offer, if it's recieved well. But do you really want to hear about the agonizing hour I just spent deciding what to wear to meet the district administrators and parents councilmembers tomorrow? No, I didn't think so.

So let there be silence while I head down Wilbraham way for new teacher training tomorrow, sit down with the realtor and make a formal offer the day after if we can get the ducks in the proverbial row. We'll be back for one more round on the ol' in-law dial-up by Wednesday, and I'll be sure to check in.

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Good luck, Josh. We miss you in Northfield.
Did you, at least, swipe the soap and towels from the hotel (that might be a story).
It sounds as if the nomadic life has finally started to get to you a bit. You writing is still wonderful. The vocabulary you choose, so precise and delightful to read. And yes--I KNOW the laborious process of buying a house. It's aweful. The state of limbo is definitely nerve wracking. Enjoy setting up your classroom...and, though you've probably taught longer than I, let me just say this, teacher to teacher: don't worry about having those 7th graders like you. They wont. But eventually they might be inspired by you. And most certainly will respect you, if you're anything like your blog personality. :)
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