Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Missed Media Moments 

Life may have touched down temporarily in familiar territory, but our distance from the usual world of mass culture remains vast. The in-law's dial-up speed precludes all but the most cursory boingboing and CNN updates; similarly (and with similar cause), the absence of televisionary reception here keeps us in the fog regarding the popculturally immediate. So yes, the shuttle touched down; the brits have caught a terorist or three; Paris and Nicole continue to spar in the everpresent public. But who wants to hear commentary on old news? Alas, the diaristic bent of the blog may dominate unabated for a while.

Even the world of hardcopy leaves me in the dust. Our Newsweeks and New Yorkers bounce from state to state before we get 'em, catch up to us too late for newsworthiness. Several dozen Harry Potter sightings in the middle of mulefield folk festivals, but until this morning I hadn't touched a copy. Sure, there was plenty of anticipatory press, but did I miss the media buzz post-distribution, or is the penultimate Potter so dense and awful that no one is willing to take a swing? And could it be as bad as the long-forgotten fifth installment? In the interests of science, I'll read Darcie's birthday copy tonight when the family sleeps.

In the meantime, Darcie's cake needs frosting; the baby needs bouncing; the kid calls for company in the sandbox outside. How easily family fills the media vacuum, and how happily.

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I know the feeling of rootlessness that eventually creeps up with perpetual travel, and can't even imagine that with a family involved. But I'm inclined to say--revel in the forced sabbatical from all things cultural, pop and otherwise. So rare is the opportunity these days to step back for a moment, and locate our voice amidst the myraid voices telling everything from every angle. Happy Birthday to Darcie! And enjoy the sandbox. There's wisdom to be gained from building up entire landscapes of gradure, and then letting them disintegrate in the next gust of wind.
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