Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gone Househuntin' 

We're off on a whirlwind tour -- twelve houses, four towns, three days -- in search of the perfect 3 br 2 bath far from the maddening crowd and not too close to a major road. No ranches. Home must have porch, be affordable on a teacher's salary. Oh, and we promised Willow there would be swings.

Darcie's been looking at cheesy efficiency apartments all day, so the stakes are high to find just the right four-walls-and-a-door ASAP. To crank up the pressure, while we drool over fireplaces and hardwood floors by day, we'll be spending our nights roughing it in the pop-up camper in some lakeside campground, kids and all.

Back Wednesday, a bit grubby, but hopefully with news. Wish us luck!

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but what are you gonna do with peace and quiet as opposed to those fine noises in a dorm? I mean, peace and quiet - why would you guys want that?

that and don't you miss dining hall food by now?
Happy hunting.
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