Friday, July 08, 2005

Takin' The Long Way Home 

First, the 1:30 plane out of San Francisco had a bum engine. Five hours, one beer, one cup of truly awful clam chowder, two cigarettes, and two more trips through security later, we're sitting in the same damn gate area with the same damn people when the flight attendant announces that the trouble with the first class cabin may be a security issue.

By the time we arrived at Logan, we had spent 14 hours at the mercy of American Airlines. Then the baggage compartment wouldn't open. (Ever see an entire 737-load of people shake their fists at a loudspeaker?)

So I got to the hotel at six in the morning, was up at nine handing out presents (Did you bring me chocolate kisses like I asked for, daddy?) and cooing with the baby now surprisingly large and lucid after a seventh of her life on the road. Had lunch with an even more groggy Dad in the hotel; househunted online with Darcie all afternoon; Whole Foods countertop supper and services at the synagogue with Mom and the kids until their bedtime had come and gone.

Now it's just after eleven, the girls have been sleeping for hours, and my body still thinks it's supper time. Stupid jet lag.

Yeah, I'm still hoteling it after eleven days. Sharing riverview digs with two small children isn't always easy, but these particular kids rock. Their mom does, too. And, of course, we got no home to go home to. Guess I'll take it.

Ah, who am I kidding? It was worth every minute of it. Home is where the heart is, after all. Had a great time in California with dad and wouldn't have done it any other way. And hey, I got a job to come home to. Dayenu, dayenu. It would have been enough, o Lord.

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Heh, sounds like one hell of a life! By the way, Southwest Airlines is clearly superiour to American Airlines. I dunno if they fly to california though. Despite their name, most of their flights are in the north east end of the country... Go figure!
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