Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Family Interlude 

My Father's Cousin Kenneth -- whose home we visited way back at the start of this Califonia venture -- is taking his family to Hawaii. Dad's been to Hawaii. The following email exchange ensues:
Kenneth: Do you guys remembers which helicopter company you toured with in Kauai?

Dad: Sorry - just another one of those memories now completely lost. Have a wonderful time.

Kenneth: When we crash, I'll think of u.

They also had an odd back-and-forth a few weeks ago in which Kenneth remarked that having my father come by was like a visit from his favorite rock star. Ah, says Dad, which rock star? Meat Loaf, says Kenneth -- and meets us at the door wearing a Meat Loaf tour shirt when we arrive.

In the car afterwards, we couldn't decide which was more disturbing: that Kenneth might actually own a Meat Loaf shirt, or the prospect that Kenneth had acquired a Meat Loaf shirt just for the joke.

This is our family, says Dad. My family rocks.

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