Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Price Pride? 

Signed away my self-respect today for a summer's piddling severance and three months of family health insurance.

In return, I basically agreed never to mention this place again, and offered carte blanc for any of the remaining 350 employees here at the school to spin me into my grave to prospective employers, should any ever decide they are even interested enough to call in the first place.*

What else was I supposed to do? The HR folks made fun of me when I asked questions about the wording on the 8-page agreement. Finally, after everyone else in the group sessions had signed and left, I realized that they weren't going to change a single jot, decided that I just can't make my family go hungry because of my stubborn sense of fairness, held my nose, and John Hancocked myself out of there.

Yeah, I know. Call me a coward, or a sell-out. All I know is, pride isn't always salvagable. It would have been equally demeaning to have to bum gas money off the in-laws over the summer. Or watch some half-trained clinic worker pull my daughter's teeth instead of filling them.

Damn. Turns out ideals are for those who can afford them, after all.

Plan for the rest of the day: get really, really drunk, eat barbecue, jam under a big ol' tent, try not to think too much, and tell a hundred people or so that, no, I still have neither job nor job prospects, and isn't it nice that the sun came out for my farewell party?

*Disclaimer: the description of severance terms above is hyperbolic, and should not be taken as a critique of the school or its policies, or revelation of confidential or proprietary information contained in the agreement or indeed any school document. I like this place SO much. Really. I mean it.

Now give me my damn money, and leave me the hell alone with my broken spirit.

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you did what you had to do.

Life isn't pretty. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride.

I have to do it all the time selling cancer sticks to customers. Me - who's father died of lung cancer. Now I'm sending folks to do the same.

So - you do what you have to do and move on. That's all you can do.

Move on.

You're spirit only can be broken if you let it.*

*Disclamer:Josh, actually MOST of my friends never listen to my advice anyway. Maybe when I learn to give useful advice, maybe I'll go full buddah.
Doesn't the "gag order" also block any positive comments you have about the school? - which probably still outweigh the negatives.

Sadly the imposing of this on out going faculty/staff speaks volumes of how the school currently views itself.

Q: Didn't you work at that school - what do you think of it?
A: I'm sorry but I am not legally allowed to comment.

Resulting impression......... not good.
Jeez, I really hope you get a job soon. If was of the age to hire you and I worked for a school, I would!

Where are you living these days anyway? They did kind of take your house away...

PS, hi Shane :P
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