Monday, June 20, 2005

Time Keeps On Slipping: An Era Ends 

So it's about ten forty five and I'm sitting on the porch with the headphones on, smoking a cigarette at the full bright moon, taking a break from the laundry-and-pack, humming along to some random live cover of Video Killed the Radio Star by Ben Folds when all of a sudden the homunculus wakes up.

Radio show.

I forgot to do the radio show.

Damn summer mode.

Kinda fitting, though, to run a seat-of-the-pants pirate show for the final curtain. No one's listening, the house is a mess, and I forgot to bring that awsome mix CD Rachel made me, but hey, I'm here, playing my angsty, anxious heart out, and the feed's up on eleven.

Playlist for the last ever tributary, the longest running show in the 25-year history of WNMH, follows. No prose or poetry, just a last gasp of illicit tuneage in the dark. Keep an eye open for slightly sappy situational relevance (esp. in the lyrics) but don't expect cohesion. Now we just have to clean the office and pick up the U-Haul, and we're outta here, folks.

Last Ever Tributary 6/20/05

Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Fat Soul
Biscuit Boys -- Ramblin' Fever
Beck -- Hell Yeah
Cake -- I Will Survive
Digable Planets -- Rebirth Of Slick
Galactic -- Coolin' Off
Kris Delmhorst -- Little Wings
Aimee Mann -- Ghost World
Indigo Girls -- Galileo
Evan Dando -- Pancho and Lefty
Lucy Kaplansky -- It Ain't Me Babe
Richard Shindell -- So Says The Whipporwill
Tony Furtado Band -- I Ain't Got No Home
Ani DiFranco -- Angry Anymore
Wilco -- Hummingbird
Keller Williams -- Anyhow, Anyway
Patty Griffin -- Take It Down
Nick Drake -- Pink Moon
Biscuit Boys -- Ramblin' Fever (reprise)

From Funk to Folk, from Jazz to Jambands, from Blues to Bluegrass and everything in between: Long live Tributary. As long as there are archives, a hundred Monday evenings are forever accessible. As long as there is memory, may each playlist, each song, each show ricochet around my brain. You are...a radio star...

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Glad you liked the mix! I figured, given your playlists, that our musical tastes would have some overlap... :-)
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