Thursday, June 16, 2005

So Much Change, So Few Words 

Days, now, since my life has become subsumed by the unbloggable: jobsearch minutia, other people's secrets, overfamiliar tasks. Faced with penning mere, potentially vague, allusory blogentries, I stay home where it's netless, search the wantads, talk to family, watch the baby, report little.

Heat broke at 94 degrees two days ago at sunset. Now it rains all night, hovering in the fifties. Pollen washed from the air makes my feet itch like crazy. My back stiffened up in the chill; packing up the house knocked it out.

Willow built a house out of cardboard boxes in the hallway and said "aren't I being so cute, Daddy?" She started school on Tuesday, and has already stopped reporting on her days. No word on how she got the shiner under her eye, but we're guessing it's the girl next door. How weird to feel a part of her slip away overnight: my daughter has a secret life, and now she always will.

Yesterday, on the advice of several Superintendents, I formally applied to the DOE for a teaching certificate. Maybe I'll get a job for Father's Day.

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