Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oh, right...I have a gmail account... 

My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me via gmail in the past four months. Especially the Buffalo folks, who are making me seriously regret deciding -- way back when there was hope -- that Buffalo was too far from our extended family.

As of June 24th, the only possible way to contact me will be via gmail. This time, I promise I'll read it.

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Gmail is wonderful. I am very pleased with how it is progressing.

The ever growing storage space amuses me quite a bit.

Have you checked out GmailFS yet? It is a program that writes a small filesystem over your gmail storage space so you can basically use your 2gig storage as a network drive. Very nice to have a "gmail drive" under My Computer. It makes transfering large files very easy.
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