Friday, June 03, 2005

Last Night 

That's me in the corner. Supervising. Seriously.

Hullabaloo in the Library last night: since it was a homework-less final night, we opted for anti-study hall conditions. Brought my flute and played a bit with the old-timey folks, but spent most of the short evening laughing hysterically while nominally supervising a shriek-and-run session in darkened basement stack, a samba lesson, a round of marco polo. Northfield to the core. Great kids, all of them. A wonderful farewell for my sometimes-home after 6 years with my office down the hall.

Of course, all this after being feted by a host of Asian students in thanks for guidance throughout the college essay process, and a long and boring final assembly in which I didn't win the student choice award for the seventh and final time, but it's okay, 'cause the right kids love me. Ducked out of the assembly early to rearrange the giant kiddie-block promotion atop the student center, thereby turning an innocent PARTY to an ominous TRAP. Next stop: block some of the letters in Tracy Student Center to make the Racy Stud Center.

And then, today, some of the coolest, brightest kids in the world drove off in their parent's cars without really saying goodbye. How odd to think I'll never see most of them again. How frustrating to realize that this year's crop is bound to forget me; after all, every one of them has a year or more to experience this place boyhowdy-less. But oh, how satisfying to realize that, over seven years, I've loved so many of them.

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Don't be so quick to write off your students' abilities to remember faculty who influenced and encouraged them. Some of us don't forget.

Sad to see those empty spots of Dolben's floor, though, and remember how many hours I spent hiding among them.
20 years from now Josh...

There's gonna be THAT lawyer and THAT doctor and THAT professor...

And they're gonna go...

In school, my favorite teacher was Mr. Fiber. He taught me a lot.
"Some of us don't forget," says Alex -- who, incidentally, is coming in for reunion in a couple three days.

But I meant specifically this year's crop -- and specifically, this year's NON-seniors. I remember high school myself, but certianly remember senior year best; would assume that my presence in their memories might be lighter after their most recent memories of the place haven't got me in them.

Certainly, some will nonetheless remember. But I see the odds as lower, IMHO, for this crop than others.
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