Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just A Note Before I Go 

In town at Dad-in-law's office checking email and blog for one last time before tomorrow's early morning lift-off to California. Nice to be in the air-conditioning on another ninetynine degree day, even if the ethernet connection here is a bit slower than I'm used to. Rumor has it LA is hot but San Fran is not, so it's back to the house quick to pack sweaters and sundries, spend a lazy afternoon with the wife and kids I'll miss so much.

Very excited, by the way, about this road trip with Dad. We both need it, and each other; Dad is wonderful, serious, hilarious and intellectual company, with similar musical tastes (reminder to self: get yet another iTrip). Biggest problem I foresee is that we both prefer to drive, not ride. Guess we'll have to learn to share -- they say it's never too late.

I'll be blogging on the fly when and where I can over the next couple of weeks. Those with advice for a newbie spending three days in the San Fran area, please speak up; I'll surely have time to check in before that final leg of the trip.

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This time of year in San Francisco, try to leave the hotel in the morning prepared for every type of weather. No matter how chilly or warm it seams, wear (or carry) layers. Bring a hat that's good for both rain and sun.

As for sightseeing, Rosamunde's sausage grill on Haight (at around Fillmore) is fantastic, and is conveniently located next door to one of the best beer bars eVAH, Toronado.
good luck and have fun.

re SF:
it can be fun to drive out to and through mountain view, for the surreal internet epicentreness of it all ("i just drove past netscape, the website...", "the pizza place's website is!?!?"), altho if you don't know anyone there it might be just a lot of roads.

IN sanfran, fisherman's wharf has some nice restaurants, walking up and down the hills round chinatown to the pointy building is a movie-blast, and there's a most peculiar (in context) faux-greek ruins out the back.

but if i were you, i'd drive south down the coast, check out Maverick (world's biggest waves, occasionally), then on down to the big national park. named after the Cypruses that grow there, iirc. and on the cliff walks, watch the sea otters with their cubs and walk down to hte little beaches and sit for a while and the seals will come up to watch you. lovely.
haven't been to San Fran, but will have to someday. hope you have a good time, and I will use your trip to plan mine.
Have a great time, and use it to forget what you need to.
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