Saturday, June 25, 2005

And So My Wandering Began 

Back today to sweep, scavenge, and scrape the last vestiges of our existence from school and home. The empty wood floors echo my footsteps; the house no longer seems like ours to leave behind. So be it, I guess. A couple more hours work and I'll lock the keys inside, walk away easy and light.

The office is easier: even if I get a job -- and there are still a few veryexciting prospects in the works -- I'll not need the bulk of current deskclutter. Two boxes, a quick dump into the already overflowing storage unit, a pocket full of data disks, and voila, seven years of heart-and-soul world-changing becomes just another piece of my history. (It's okay, though. A generation of students and teachers left with the most important product of all those change-agency years long ago, bless 'em.)

And the present? Looks like Brattleboro will serve me well, for the time being. The fam goes to bed by 9:30, leaving this night-owl to wander the downtown streets, prowl bars full of acquaintences and old college chums. As with any sort of homecoming, surely, the wandering garners thoughful perspective of the road not taken: last night's funk band bass player, once a couch-crashing friend, still lives in a borrowed trailer less than ten miles from the college.

But family will come first, for a while -- all we have right now is each other, after all. The winding, rural road we have chosen has dial-up, and the road itself offers little for the cyberagent ill-equipped for public wireless. So sporadic blogaccess

See you in the fast lane, folks. Here's hoping we'll come down safely, however long the adventure lasts. Check in from time to time, will you?

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I don't envy your change ( I don't handle them well, so I avoid them).

Do you have a wireless laptop? You can wander our town and find multiple connections.

Best wishes,
Lady Strathconn (Dawn)
You have pretty cool blog here. What's up with these weird posts?

Anyway, I like your blog and will proably be back.

Take care.


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