Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Return Of The Son Of Randomalia 

Too frazzled these days for linearity. The back is mostly better, though the stomachfuzz and brainbuzz come and go like butterflies. Mostly, though, as graduation grows close, the jobless, homeless future begins to weigh heavy on my mind, corrupting deepthought. I dream of falling, of interviews gone awry and community ever-receeding.

Speaking of butterflies, the reason I couldn't find my family yesterday when I stopped off home midafternoon was that my mother took them all to the butterfly museum. I keep forgetting to bring the digicam to work, or you'd be looking at a great shot of Willow holding an orangewing, that priceless expression of barely contained glee on her face. And an equally great shot of a wide-eyed Cassia looking up in wonderment.

And speaking of Willow's face, she's got a big horrible blotch between her already heavy brows from yesterday's run-in with a hardthrown frisbee, so nothing cute pixwise for the next few days.

She was better at the library today, though: not ideal, still more excited and excitable than her peers, but less so. Maybe it's because we left Mommy and Cassia sleeping at home this time around. Maybe it was just the luck of the draw, or the absence of the granola bar in this morning's delayed wake-up ritual.

In more egoistic news, I'm applying for an ESL position here at school. Never taught ESL, but I've taught language skills to so many age groups, worked with our ESL classes for research and presentation projects and mass media units, lived and advised with ESL kids and, most importantly, have a background in exactly those subjects (American Studies, Cultural Studies, Writing, Anthropology) which the course uses as content-drivers. Of course, my competition is two current ESL teachers, so we're not holding our breath. But what else have I got?

So mostly I spend my time spinning the kids in my arms at home, trying to centrifuge the heartache out. And as the iPod spins at home and latenight in my ears, I'm starting to collect an entire playlist of songs about leaving for the last radio show of the school year. Expect heavy last-gasp promotion in a few weeks, quite probably titled "Just a Song Before I Go."

Wonder if I'll be able to blog regularly where I'm going? Won't know until we get there, I suppose. It's going to be a long summer trying to keep up from the camper, at any rate.

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