Monday, May 09, 2005

Randomalia: Too Much Bread, No Circus 

Cassia's naming ceremony went off without a hitch, though the behind-the-scened work necessary to design and implement the event -- componded by a total two-year-old meltdown morning -- left us all exhausted. Nice to see family and friends in such a complimentary setting. Nicer to see them in a social setting where it would be totally inappropriate to dwell on the incredible shrinking window of employment, residency, and solvency the family finds itself in.

By last night the crowd had moved on, leaving us with random leftovers -- mostly bags of bread and cookies, since the good stuff went to other family members leftover bags -- and a few nice cards and gifts. Oh, and the world's largest flower arrangement on the kitchen table.

Realized today I'm not blogging as consistently. Mostly, this is because the vast majority of my waking hours are plod-ahead hours, nothing novel or blogworthy. Too much of my life is full of diapering and jobsearch fiddlystuff which has little prospect of going anywhere.

Spoke with the prep school placement rep on the phone on Friday. She suggested a tech job at a day school school in Wisconsin. Not a good sign, as she knows I'm hoping for a boarding position teaching English or History in New England.

Have taken to circling ads for teaching jobs in the Boston Globe, but most require certification.

Am considering calling the director of admissions and offering myself to her for a year just to keep the house and health insurance. Would it be worth it if it meant being on the road all year, and not being able to work with the kids anymore?

The circus is in town this evening, but Willow's just getting over a cold, and Cassia came down with it last night, which kept us all up. Still, in happier times, we'd have gone anyway. Makes me sad to realize that the weight of the world is starting to trickle down to the kids. I had hoped to spare them, but I guess that was too much to hope for. It's not like we won't be living in the camper in in-law's backyards in a month, anyway, so why pretend it's all okay when it isn't? Maybe it'll make them tougher or something.

Radio show tonight, which always cheers me up a bit. Stop by if you can, eh? Ten to midnight (EST). I'll try to keep things upbeat, if I can.

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Cursed dial up wont let me listen

that and I called the station, but got the $!$#!# answering machine

at least, if anything, I left a message putting a very good word for the show...
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