Thursday, May 19, 2005

Newly Noted: Agenda, Inc. 

American Brandstand tracks the incidence of brands and products in the Billboard top 20 singles chart. Though there's nothing out for 2005 just yet, white papers from the two years previous reveal that brand mention is an exclusive province of Hip Hop, that Pepsi beats out Coke by a serious margin in the top of the pops, and that Cadillacs are still eminently hot.
While American Brandstand never claimed to be a scientific measurement of brands, it has emerged as a strong barometer of the role of brands among an influential group of aspirational consumers. The brands that emerge as winners are those that are relevant in a crucial taste-shaping area.
Part of a growing field of topical-but-overlapping infoglut megafilters (c.f. boingboing, We Make Money Not Art), Brandstand producers Agenda, Inc -- a pop culture brand strategy agency based in San Francisco -- also track daily popcult in the news-ether through a bloglike live feed that's best experienced hot and fresh. How come I'm always the last to find this stuff?

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