Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day, 2005 

This morning, small neighborhood children
have left a Spring bouquet -- jonquils, bluets,
a short branch of forsythia in one-sided bloom,
tiny whitelavender violets,
a single tulip like an easter egg --
wrapped in a construction paper cone
on our doorstep.

We put them in glass, borrow water
from the daffodills from grandma's garden
picked yesterday, still ripe and yellow.

Later, I go outside to watch the clouds clear.
When I step back in the house
Willow is still arranging flowers
in three glasses on the bookcase
but the flowers have lost their heads
while I was away.

Willow arranges stems, beautiful
and yellow-headed among scattered petals,
drops of yesterday's water
clinging to her arms like rain.

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