Friday, May 13, 2005


It should go without saying, but...
  • This is my life. If you have problems with it, get your own.

  • Similarly, everything I write is IMHO. That's just how blogs are. Get over it.

  • When I write a blogentry, especially one about an ongoing part of my life -- my childhood, for example, or my daughters -- the opinions and emotions expressed in that entry in no way represent the sum total of my feelings for or about the subject of that entry. Not even at that given moment.

  • I'm a social libertarian. Though I reserve the right to deconstruct and criticize specific and clearly defined ideas and opinions by exploring inconsistencies and factual errors internal and external, this blog is in no way intended to be, nor should it be interpreted as, a critique of you, your lifestyle, your belief system, or your parenting style.

  • Comments are there to be used. Use them to add your own opinion or commentary, to make corrections where relevant, or to offer different viewpoints and interesting follow-up. Don't use them for trolling or bloggerbaiting. And don't go to my supervisors if you have a problem with something I said if you haven't gone to me first. Who knows, maybe it's you.

  • If you do not want me to write about you, say so. If you would like me to limit what I say about you in any way, say so. This goes double for family members and close friends -- though I try to portray you all in the most positive and accurate light, I'm not out to be hurtful or vindictive, and sometimes you just want some part of your life off the table. That's fine, but I can't do it if I don't know. So tell me.

  • This is my blog. I write it for me, with you listening. I am happy to provide clarification where requested, and happier still to offer amends and public apologies for getting facts wrong. However, I would encourage you to take ownership of any hurt which you may experience as a result of misunderstanding me, my words, my intent, or any of the above points.

  • All writing, design, and other content not specifically attributed in this blog is my intellectual property. Link to me with impunity, quote judiciously and appropriately, represent it as your own at your own peril. If you think you're planning on using it for commercial purposes or otherwise spreading it around wholesale, ask and ye shall receive.

There. That should about cover it. Can we move on now?

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if people are superfreakin'...maybe you should make all of this into a disclaimer link on the site.

As tedious (and kinda silly) the idea of putting a disclaimer on one's personal blog may be...
you also should put an fbi warning not to copy that beta tape....
a tag saying its illegal to pull a piece o' paper off a pillow
a warning that that cup of coffee that you made might be hot
and remember kids: dont copy that floppy!
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