Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Chilling And Illing 

Woke up stiff and restless -- a sure and familiar sign of impending viral attack. From traveller's bowel to spinal discomfort, of the inevitable symptoms which would land me on the couch by eleven the worst was a sort of secondary, cumulative brainbuzz brought on by an inability to simply sit with the other symptoms. It's like ADD with a vengance, or that last hippityhop hour coming down off an acid trip after too many cigarettes and far too much coffee while the sun rises over a wide New York river.

I managed to fake consciousness for a quick advising meeting on the other campus, but it took all I had to stay sane for even that long. By two, I was back legup on the loveseat while Darcie's mom played Cooties on the carpet with the kid.

With a babysitter in-house and an old gift certificate burning a hole in the sideboard, what else could we do with me but hot foot it down to the hot tubs? A nice long weightless soak in the rock garden, hardwood and paper windows in the late afternoon, Terrapin Station piped in through halfhidden speakers, and sure enough the sweatlodge approach worked wonders for an hour or four, got me through a dining hall supper with little but slight brainmelt and the sweats.

Lost it again in the middle of a darkroom bedtime with Willow, though. Thank the gods and goddesses for a flexible spouse willing to handle a one-time-only double-child bedtime in our queensized family cosleeper. And thanks, too, for comfy office chairs that spin and twirl, so I can jam in my seat while the iPod spins an unusually hotwired jamheavy playlist, disease raging through me, the stressbrain, the feverbrain everburning.

Tributary 5/16/05

Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Fat Soul
Michael Franti and Spearhead -- We Won't Stop
Phish -- Down With Disease
Oysterhead -- Owner Of The World
XTC -- Making Plans For Nigel
Juliana Hatfield -- OK OK
Keller Williams -- Vacate
moe. -- She Sends Me

storybreak: selections from winnie-the-pooh

Beck -- Hotwax
Ware River Club -- Generations
Jill Sobule -- I Kissed A Girl
Alison Brown Quartet -- The Inspector
The Decemberists -- Engine Driver
Dar Williams -- As Cool As I Am
Stevie Wonder -- Sir Duke

poembreak: the invaders (milne)

Grateful Dead -- Eyes Of The World
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones -- New South Africa
John Mayer -- Message In A Bottle
Woody Allen -- The Police
Shawn Colvin -- Every Little Thing (He) Does Is Magic
John Hiatt -- What Do We Do Now

storybreak: selections from winnie-the-pooh

Slaid Cleaves -- Bring It On
Deb Talan -- Tell Your Story Walking
David Wilcox -- Rusty Old American Dream
The Bobs -- Helter Skelter
Patty Griffin -- Top Of The World
Daniel Lanois -- Shine
Jeffrey Foucault -- My Kind Of Heaven
James Taylor -- You Can Close Your Eyes
Elizabeth Mitchell & Daniel Littleton -- You Are My Sunshine

You've been listening to Tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show here on WNMH. Thanks to all who call and listen, especially my beloved mystery mistress from up North.

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