Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Something Silly 

It has become the norm for Willow to watch a video upon awakening, juice box and granola bar in hand, while Daddy drinks coffee and otherwise struggles with consciousness after a long night perforated by diaperchanging. So normative, in fact, that in my especially groggy state this morning it took me a while to realize that I was insisting upon it, advocating passivity while the kid wanted to wander:
Daddy, can we go outside?

Baby, it's raining. And you're still wearing your pajamas.

But I want to go outside.

Let's just watch the Muppets, okay?

Please, Daddy?

No, honey. Maybe later.


Daddy, I want to do something silly. Let's put my boots on over my pajamas, and get my new panda bear umbrella from the car, and jump in the puddles. Okay?

Hoorah, then, for coffee outside in a grey morning rain, wondering at handheld earthworms and new violets. Hoorah for puddlejumping with glee in yellow fuzzy pajamas and bumblebee boots. Hoorah for yes -- it's good for the heart. And, most especially, hoorah for a child who enforces the best kind of parenting, and keeps me honest. Something silly indeed. Love you, kid.

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