Thursday, April 28, 2005

Did You Know? 

Tip of the day: thanks to the magic of automated alt tags from, plus a judicious use of borrowed Javascript, you can hover the cursor over any tinyblog item to see why it's called a tinyblog.

These ain't just sidebar links, folks. Think of them as a series of shortform commentary on the subjective best of the infosphere.

In the spirit of the recently tinyblogged study which provides hard data to "prove" the no-brainer that the chaotic, distracting mess of multiple information streams that is CNN and many other channels today isn't working, because it causes people to split... their attention into too many parts to understand any of the content, we here at Not All Who Wander Are Lost are proud to utilize the third dimension in order to support simpliticy of presentation and, in doing so, provide the best foundation for audience clarity.

Tendencies towards overspeak and linguistic obfuscation notwithstanding, of course.

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Sadly, the babel fish translator doesn't seem to work for academic lingo.
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