Monday, April 04, 2005

Cover Me, Redux 

A bit frazzled this week as I make plans for the big lastgasp jobsearch jaunt and, subsequently, the birth of our second child. So no prose this week either. Anyway, music is supposed to speak for itself.

Big plans for this year's all-covers extravaganza tonight on tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show on WNMH. Pity the in-studio technology wasn't working again. Apologies to streamshow listeners, if there were any, for the flailing first half hour; it's been a long time since I had to run the show from the CD collection, and it made it no easier that I had to run home and get the CDs while the music was playing.

I did manage to stay on-format, however, mostly because as a covers afficionado I have a good couple hundred covers lying around, some of which are actually good songs, some of which are even better than the original. Playlist follows; I swear, the first few songs are good, but I certainly wouldn't have played them if I had known that I needed to bring the hardcopy collection into the studio.

Tributary 4/4/05: Coversongs

Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Drunk
Rufus Wainright -- Across the Universe (Beatles)
Salamander Crossing -- Down in the Milltown (Gorka)
Salamander Crossing -- Wade in the Water (trad.)
Death Cab For Cutie -- Love Song (Cure)
Keb' Mo' -- Love Train (Spinners?)

coverstory: Moxy Fruvous -- Green Eggs and Ham

Chris Ardoin -- Your Love Keeps Liftin' Me (Wilson)
Steve Earle -- A Girl Like THat (NRBQ)
Nirvana -- Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam (Vaselines)
Herbie Hancock -- All Apologies (Nirvana)
Richard Thompson -- Kiss (Prince)

coverstory: politically correct version of the 3 little pigs

The Posies -- Looking Through You (Beatles)
Cake -- I Will Survive (Gaynor?)
Hayseed Dixie -- Highway to Hell (AD/DC)
Tori Amos -- Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)
Tim O'Brien -- Father of Night (Dylan)
Evan Dando -- How Will I Know (Houston)

coverstory: politically correct version of the frog prince

Maroon 5 -- Pure Imagination (Wonka)
Crooked Still -- Orphan Girl (Welch)
Turtle Island String Quartet -- Crossroads (trad.)
Girlyman -- My Sweet Lord (Harrison)
Be Good Tanyas -- Waitin' Around to Die (Van Zandt)
Gone Phishin' -- Rift (Phish)

Phew. Come back next week for the last fully coherent edition of tributary -- I'll keep running 'em after that through the summer, but on much less sleep, once the baby comes.

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