Sunday, April 24, 2005

7 Moon Haiku 

Over the garage
moon rises low on the ridge.
Sweet dreams, proud sister.

Out in the driveway
the glow of a cigarette,
a portable moon.

Her side of the house
floods with reflected moonlight.
Our side is shadowed.

Flush against the porch --
inherited, surprising --
new daffodils glow.

After the movie
listen to the moon-baby breathe.
Step outside again.

Penultimate moon
cloudcovered before midnight.
Newborn in my arms.

This moon spills through glass,
illimunates all of us
skating on this moon.

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that a haiku worth a million words, but I will post just one. peace
sweet poem dude
hola, como estas?
hasta luego
thats basicaly amazing
quite deep
mad props
see you in class
~ me
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