Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Who's Better? 

The students are playing a madcap game of "who's better" on our in-school bulletin board. So far, Batman beats Superman, George Clooney beats 50 Cent, Connery beats the other Bond boys hands down, and -- in a surprise upset -- xylophone virtuoso Sir Patrick Moore beats Mandy Moore, Roger Moore, Sir Thomas More, and Mary Tyler Moore.

No response yet on Katherine vs. Audrey Hepburn, but it's early yet. Anyone interested in weighing in on Ed Wood vs. Mr. Ed?

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Let's see...

Mr. ED: Terrible TV show starring a horse (or was he a zebra??) Also starring that guy from George Pal's masterpiece The Time Machine.

Ed Wood: Sure! The Tim Burton movie was GREAT! But have you actually seen an actual Ed Wood movie? A real one?

I saw Plan 9 From Outer Space once, and thank god it was only once.

I also happened to see Orgy of the Dead. A supposedly "Erotic" horror movie, which didn't seem "erotic" or horror nor a movie of any kind.

So, I have a choice.

Either I like watching a horse (zebra?!) being torchered

Or, I like being tortured by a bad movie.

Thus, 'cuz I'm in with Josh's friends in PETA, I'd rather be tortured by a bad Ed Wood movie than seeing a horse (zebra!?!?!?!) tortured.
NO ONE beats Thomas More! He RAWKED! Standing up to a king like that? He had some major cajones.
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