Monday, March 14, 2005

White Noise 

Yet another slightly forced blogtitle trifecta! Woo!

  1. Don't forget to tune in to WNMH tonight and every Monday night from 10:00 to midnight (EST) for your favorite weekly radio program tributary. From funk to folk, from jazz to jambands, from blues to bluegrass, and everything in between; I've been gathering in the jams and licks for years, so you won't be disappointed. Bedtime stories on the hour and the half hour, too.

    Stream here, last week's show here. Requests gladly considered.

  2. With the bright sun turned up to 50 degrees, the kid and I spend a glorious morning in the weekend's heavy snow building a snowman -- her first, and the Winter's last. Over the next few hours, while we read books and snuggled barefoot and footstomping on the porch, his 6 foot frame slowly sagged leeward in the warm air. Even heard inside, the drip drip of another melting winter made for a bittersweet note in an otherwise brightwhite morning. Though I tried to prep her, and think the lesson of impermanence a valuable one, I know we'll both be a bit heartbroken at the leftover lump tomorrow.

    I'll post a kid-and-snowman pic sometime soon, once I get off my ass and empty out the camera disk.

  3. Third, I miss having television reception. Even if it makes me more productive, laundry-wise, there's nothing like a late night session of Adult Swim and Ben & Jerry's Pecan Pie ice cream.

    Mmmmm. Ice cream.

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