Thursday, March 31, 2005

What The... 

Plus, whatever happened to fortune cookies, anyway?  I mean, this isn't a fortune, it's a trite truism.
Actual fortune found in cookie at lunch today.

Every time I think I get it, my brain explodes.

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...strangest fortune cookie I've ever seen.
All it's saying is that words, no matter how harsh or sweet they are, don't have any lasting concrete effect or action.
I hope that's not true, anon. Because I have been stung, and permanently/disfiguringly so, by words enough time in my life to know that if this was the intended message of the fortune, it is the first time I have EVER recieved a fortune cookie that I would find not just false, but cruelly dismissing of the harsh realities of life.

Plus, the words themselves prove that wrong, don't they? I mean, here it is several days later, and the words "butten no parsnips" still send me and my students into paroxysms. In this case, sharing those words drew us closer. No lasting effect? Not in my book.
That's great!

The best fortune I ever got was rather more a definition than a fortune:

Optimism - the cheerful frame of mind that enables a teakettle to sing though in hot water up to its nose.

A very close second was:

You will be admired by your pears.

Both of them still make me giggle.
By your PEARS?

Wow. That totally rocks.

I like the optimism one, too -- heard it somewhere just the other day, can't remember where.

Thanks for sharing, C.
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