Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On The Road Again 

I'm off looking for work in suburban New York for a day or two. Back Friday with news, good or bad; until then, as always, enjoy recently updated archives, and stay cool -- Spring is coming!

Incidentally, sorry for the light blogging this week. Yesterday's snowstorm only added pressure to an already overwhelming mound of jobsearch paperwork and finally finished end-of-term grading.

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On an related note to this post and to a post previous:

Top 5 Most Stressful Cities:

America’s Most Stressful Cities

1. Hartford, Conn.
2. Newark, N.J.
3. Brownsville, Texas
4. Miami, Fla.
5. Buffalo, N.Y.

America’s Least Stressful Cities

1. Naperville, Ill.
2. Livonia, Mich.
3. Overland Park, Kansas
4. Gilbert, Ariz.
5. Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Ranked by American City Business Journals

(btw, I'm 20 miles away from Hartford, and I can feel the stress from here).
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