Friday, March 18, 2005


The old boyPod is one gig shy of full and getting fuller by the day. Without a dedicated computer to store songs -- working at a prep school for seven years has meant unlimited access to school technology, so I don't own my own -- and looking at loss of access to my current computer in a scant twelve weeks, I'm tempted to start burning CD archives, which, though certainly more condensed than the original collection, seems a bit anachronistic. Other solutions welcome.

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Buy an external hard drive. They are fairly inexpensive, portable, and convenient.
Hey, if I had cash for that, I'd buy a cheap computer. :-)

Seriously -- I had considered that, and believe it is indeed the best back-up plan for a mega-iPod...if it weren't for the fact that a hard drive alone can't run iTunes.

Major problem now is that I can't justify spending dough on anything -- not with the second kid coming in 4 weeks. We live hand to mouth as it is, and might need savings not-yet-accrued by the time the job runs out in June.

But I suppose it was too much to ask for someone out there to offer a FREE 40 gig solution, eh?
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