Sunday, March 13, 2005


There, but moreso.

Thought I had something stuck between my teeth all through supper; turns out I chipped a corner off an lower central incisor. No idea what I did to it, but it must have been severe: in addition to a crooked hole in the center of my perfect bite, an dark and ominous fault line runs the length of the tooth down into the gums. I've worried my tongue to bleeding shreds against its ragged edge. In the long term, I'm worried about losing the tooth.

How sad to develop yet another mark of entropic erosion, a new piece of imperfection smack-dab in the middle of what has always been one of my better qualities: a goofy, disarming Dennis Quaid smile. At least we've still got dental coverage 'till June.

Bonus: Today's photo taken from a page on the dangers of tongue piercing. Yikes!

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