Thursday, March 24, 2005


The library here at school is having a poetry contest. I wasn't going to submit anything, but even a token cash prize tips the scales these days. Well, and then there's that ego thing.

Poems must address the theme of change, and must not be more than 30 lines long. You can only select one, though, so I've spent hours today sifting through blog archives, looking for lost poetry, hoping that something will stand out as thematic and stellar all-at-once.

No luck so far, but at least I'm thinking about myself as a poet again. So I got that going for me.

If I find any likely candidates, I'll put 'em up for a quick non-binding referendum.

[Update 9:39 pm:

April is National Poetry Month. No wonder I've been thinking poetry.

The librarians put up a magnetic poetry set out in the hall. I've been fiddling with it all night.

It's a start.]

[Update #2 9:42 pm:

Charles Bernstein believes National Poetry Month is bad for poetry.]

[Update #3 3/25 1:20 pm:

Shaw believes Florence Henderson and the Marvelettes handing out cash for amateur poetic achievement in the Most Magical Place on Earthare bad for poetry. No argument here!]

[Update #4 3/25 1:34 pm:

My favorite magnetic poem so far, written by an anonymous student:

who can hear you
write about
what hurts

school loves
more than

Yay, students. May they never change. ]

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uh uh - do you REALLY want to know what's bad for poetry?

THAT. That right there. That's bad for poetry

Cut and paste that link IF YOU DARE.
Even better - I added it to the post itself!
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