Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Anyone Record The Osbournes? 

Also in this episode: Ozzy tries Google, but gives up after he can't use a mouse.

Thanks to awardwinning audioblog Stereogum for making me wish we had cable at the new house after all. And just when I was getting used to life off the infogrid.

True story, incidentally: in 1997, I had to teach my Sociology prof how to use a computer in order to show him the hypertextual portion of my "plan" (Marlboro College's version of an undergrad thesis). Poor guy had never seen a computer -- when I backed up all the way to "this is a mouse, it moves the pointer on the screen," he picked the mouse up and waved it in the general direction of the screen: "Like this?"

Then again, this was the same guy who resisted getting a phone in his office, too...and, when the school finally talked him into it, pulled it out of the wall a week later and returned it because "the little red light won't stop blinking."

Yeah, I know. I'm old. But at least I know what that blinking red light is for. Even if I can't remember my voice mail code to make it go away.

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he also doesnt have a bank account and nor does he have credit cards.

he's a good cook though - good professor too. Also a killer actor...he's gonna perform a one man show in a few weeks.
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