Monday, March 21, 2005

All My Children 

The hospital called today. Seems they "forgot" that the date they originally scheduled us for our planned C-section was a hospital holiday, so we've changed the birth date from April 18th to the 14th. Can't have the baby with a skeleton staff, after all.

Is it wrong that my first reaction to all this was relief that I wouldn't have to miss a week of my radio show?

Second reaction, of course, was the realization that April 14th is also my sister's birthday. Our first child was born on my wife's brother's birthday. This brings up some interesting questions: First, does this mean we have to plan subsequent births -- if we have any -- on the birthdays of other siblings? And second, in the interest of fairness, does this mean we have to have three more children, so every sibling can have a chance?

Brings a whole new meaning to "family planning," doesn't it?

And speaking of the radio show: tonight's show was a blessed relief after 5 hours in chairs for the usual kick-off-the-term professional day here at the ol' prep school. There's a ritual I'm not going to miss. Paternity leave begins tomorrow, with half-days for the rest of the year.

Playlist follows, as always. It may be my last term ever here at NMH, but damn, it's good to be back among the young.

Tributary 3/21/05

Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Fat Soul
Trey Anastasio -- Night Speaks To A Woman
String Cheese Incident -- Search
Biscuit Boys -- Ramblin' Fever
Cake -- Never There
REM -- There She Goes Again
Eddie From Ohio -- One Thousand Sarahs
Wilco -- Kamera

smallpoem: Spring and All (William Carlos Williams)

Erin McKeown -- Slung-Lo
Ryan Adams -- Wonderwall
Jamiroquai -- Virtual Insanity
Mose Alison -- Molecular Structure
Dar Williams -- Are You Out There
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -- Billy The Kid
Boulevard of Broken Songs -- Oasis vs. Green Day

smallpoem: Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus (William Carlos Williams)

Aimee Mann -- Ghostworld
Django Reinhardt -- Limehouse Blues
Nellie McKay -- David
Kim Richie -- I Know
Ray LaMontagne -- Jolene
Eliza Gilkyson -- Prodigal Son
Kathryn Williams -- Spit On A Stranger

smallpoem: To A Poor Old Woman (William Carlos Williams)

Jeffrey Foucault -- Doubletree
Simon and Garfunkel -- The Only Living Boy In New York
Eva Cassidy -- American Tune
Patty Griffin -- Forgiveness
Buddy Miller -- With God On Our Side

You've been listening to Tributary, your Monday night ten to midnight show here on WNMH, serving the tri-state area (VT, NH, and MA) on 91.5 fm...and the world via the wonders of streaming audio. Congrats to Shaw for googling up the answer to tonight's trivia question, thanks to Dad for joining the ranks of dedicated listeners despite a brand new set of back troubles, and a thousand blessings to the rest of you for just stopping by.

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