Monday, March 21, 2005

Absolutely NOT Mullet Music 

Don't forget to tune in to WNMH tonight and every Monday night from 10:00 to midnight (EST) for tributary, your favorite weekly radio program.

What is Tributary? Well, it's about as far as you can get from this:

In fact, those especially disgusted or disturbed by the above image, found front and center on the MSN portal homepage tonight, might find Tributary an especially effective antidote.

From funk to folk, from jazz to jambands, from blues to bluegrass, and everything in between: That's Tributary. I've been gathering in the jams and licks for years, so you won't be disappointed. Bedtime stories on the hour and the half hour, too.

Stream here. Last week's show here.

Ew. It's going to take the full two hours to get that out of my head.

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I never saw a picture of you looking like THAT before.

Man o'many hair do's....
Unfair, man. That is SO not a picture of me.

Hairy I may be, but if there's going to be a party, it's not going to stay in back of MY head, thank you very much.
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