Wednesday, March 23, 2005

20 Questions 

1. Why is it snowing? What happened to Spring?

2. If we cover the garden with a thin layer of old leaves, will the tulip and daffodil shoots survive the snowfall? Why? Don't the leaves get just as cold as the air around them?

3. Is reconsidering the agreed-upon names for our child-to-be three weeks before the birth a sign of something? If so, a sign of what?

4. Is it okay to be in Long Island four days before the birth? What if she goes into labor and I can't get back in time? Does it make a difference if the reason I'd be going to long island is to attend the unveiling of my grandfather's gravestone?

5. If I send twelve letters to schools and get no reply from any of them for two weeks, is it time to start calling them?

6. If I haven't gotten any leads for work in a whole week, does it mean it's time to give up and apply to Subway?

7. Is "I guess we can live on unemployment" a legitimate back-up plan?

8. How long can a family of four live on one tax return check?

9. Why am I still hanging out at mp3 blogs if the iPod is totally full?

10. Why is it twenty questions? Why not ten, or seven?

11. If your job is about to end in two months, and you're not being asked to do anything when you show up, it is still necessary to iron your shirt before work? If not, then why the heck have I been bothering?

12. Do people actually read this blog anymore? Ever since my hitcounter service went under, I've been a bit unsure.

13. Do other people get nosebleeds in their sleep, too, or is it just me?

14. Why don't we put pet-type animals in zoos? Don't wild guinea pigs deserve exhibit space, too?

15. Are there twenty of these things yet? No? Oh, okay...let's see...

16. How do normal people find time for house maintenance (dishes, laundry, etc.), work, and childplay and still remain sane? We got rid of television and home network access and I can still only barely keep up.

17. If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with all that extra time? Personally, I think I go to bed because run out of things to do every night around 2 a.m., which kind of makes me wonder -- if we lived in a city that never sleeps, when would I go to bed?

18. Anyone want to see Jeffrey Foucault, Peter Mulvey, and Kris Delmhorst in Shelburne Falls with me the first week of April?

19. Should I go to graduation this year? Even if I'm totally unable to make it about the graduates, and fully expect to cry and seethe throughout the entire thing?

20. Are we there yet?

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20 Answers from probably the only one who has da guts enough to answer them

1. Mother nature is a loose woman.

2. Depends on how big the garden is. Worth a shot though.

3. A sign that the kid is gonna have a weird name (Moon Unit? Dweezil? Amhet? Diva?)

4. Ever see those "very special" episodes of sitcoms where the wife gives birth and something crazy happens? Thinks of it as that...

5. Wouldn't hurt to call them.

6. No, it just means try harder

7. No - not a good back up plan. See how long its taken me to find a gig? You gotta start looking now (and get me one too while your at it).

8. Well, depends. You like your cheese sandwhiches with or without bread?

9. Because you're an audioslave

10. It's a cliche! Ya gotta roll with it...
11. Go to work naked one time and see what happens

12. I dunno who reads what anymore. I write about my dog pissing in snow and I get tons of responses. You write something good and intelligent, yet you get nothing. I still dont get it.

13. No and I'd have that checked out.

14. Because we want pet type animals in our house and not behind bars.

15. stuck in da middle wit' yuse...

16. they don't find time. All the folks who are parents I know of how sloppy sloppy houses. If you looked at my friendster friends list (if you were on friendster), you'd see that the buddies on my friends list who are parents dont have color in their faces. There's a reason for that.

17. We' go to bed during ugly snowstorms, like this one we're having right now (ew)

18. Maybe - who are they?

19. My ex-prof Nick Carbone went to graduation when he was leaving the school. So yea, you should. Don't look back in anger, Mr. Chips.

20. Yup. We are there now.
1. Why should this year be any different?

2. Bulbs are tough; you don’t need to cover them or do anything special for them. They are used to cycles of warm/cold, and may even prefer it. Notice how they don’t grow as easily in southern climes? Maybe they are our reward for putting up with all this glop?

3. All decisions regarding names should be considered temporary until you actually meet the kid!

4. Yes. Your wife is having a planned C-section and they always try to schedule those far enough ahead that the risk of her going into labor beforehand is slight, and they have even moved that date ahead 4 days, so I think you are pretty safe. Your reasons for going are valid, so if your wife doesn’t mind taking the (slight) chance, then go for it!

5. Yes, but casually. I.e., keep the note of desperation out of your voice.

6. Of course not.

7. Of course not.

8. Not long.

9. Perhaps you need to feel optimistic about SOMETHING?

10. Sounds nicer. Rhythmic. (Though thirteen questions sounds better, but you didn’t ask about that.)

11. Of course. You have pride; you are a role model (for faculty/staff in this case).

12. I do. Often.

13. They probably do. I would guess that it is related to lack of humidity, but if that is impossible, then listen to Shaw.

14. Do you want to deal with sobbing little kids who wonder why fluffy is in jail?

15. Nope.

16. Sanity plays no part in parenthood, particularly with little kids in the house. Having said that, though, I think that basic personality quirks such as the ability to always put things back when done with them, being willing to not eat anywhere other than in the kitchen, etc. play a large part in all of this. Figure out what is important to you, work on that, and then stop worrying about it. Asking your parents for a biweekly cleaning service for a birthday present isn’t a bad idea either…

17. Putter. Read. Build things. But mostly, I think I would be a heckuva lot more social than I am now.

18. No thank you.

19. Absolutely positively YES. You will always regret it if you don’t go, and you know it.

20. Yes, for now….
When (and where)is the Redbird gang performing in Shelburne Falls? It's a bit of a schlep from here, but not a terrible one, and I'm feeling pretty tempted... :-)
Yes, we still pay attention.
I can't really add anything to the answers that hasn't already been said.
Thanks to all for the answers. Surely, some of these questions were intended as rhetorical, but playing along is half the fun, ain't it?

For Rachel, and others possibly interested: Redbird is playing at Memorial Hall, the primary vbenue for the relatively new coffeehouse-thingie Hilltown Folk. More info, including directions, there -- if it isn't sold out when we get our paycheck later next week, I'll hopefully be buying some tix. Dad might join us, too!

If we CAN'T make it, of course, I am happy to announce that Redbird is scheduled to play the even-more-local Green River Festival on July 16...and the Great Waters Folk Festival on 7/30, up in Wolfeboro, NH. Always wanted to make it to Great Waters.
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