Thursday, February 10, 2005

Vague References And Frustration 

Protecting the privacy of prospective employers is turning out to be a constant source of tension for the uberblogger.

For one thing, as we enter the employment turnaround phase of prep school life on a universal scale, so much of my daily activity and thought these days is devoted to the jobsearch that keeping it off the screen means a significant drop in blogfodder -- and, since I'm not interested in posting mere trivia, a consquent drop in blogentries.

Too, subjectively speaking, since one key purpose of the blog is to record for future self and posterity, holding back the ups and downs means accepting a loss in rememberance. Years from now, will I look back on these months of uncertainty and find them hazy and unrecoverable by comparison?

It's a shame, really. I'm bursting with news.

But there's only so much to say about one's vague hopes and projected fears without allowing specificity. And though there's really nothing holding me back but my own commitment to balance truth and respect, the delicacy of the process itself -- coupled with those few but famous incidences of A-lister jobloss -- seems a clear indicator towards caution.

Those close and interested might send along an email, wherein I could be convinced to send choice tidbits both wonderful and terrifying, pessimistic what-ifs and gleeful dreams.

The rest of you will just have to accept the public me, and be grateful for the brainwaves. The rights of others in this world will not be trampled. Especially not those who might hire little ol' me.

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