Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tan, Rested, And Ready To Go 

Well, not tan. And my back is killing me from the drive to-and-from Boston over the last fortyeight.

But hoorah for my parents, who last night put the wife and I up in a luxury hotel suite overnight and took care of the two year old for us. Just so we could have a night to ourselves, the first in over two years, before the new baby comes and the crying suddenly comes in stereo.

And they did all this on the eve of their own trip to Israel, no less.

So, for the quiet night with chocolate mousse in front of the tube, the solo dip in the hotel pool, some other stuff which would be inappropriate to mention here (yes, you can do that in the 8th month, thank you very much), the latesleep and the hotel breakfast buffet: Thanks, Mom and Dad. It was just what we needed.

And despite our first-time parent anxiety, Willow took it all like a trouper. Slept like a baby, and gleefully so, by all reports. We called from the hotel this morning and asked her if she wanted to come by for a dip in the pool, and were told that's okay, you can stay there for another four or five days. We came home anyway, validated, knowing we could do it again -- which is a good thing, since she'll need to stay with others in April when her sibling arrives.

In other news: the prep school placement agency called -- seems "a number of schools" have expressed interest in me, so it looks like yours truly is off to the "meet market" in Philly on Thursday and Friday. Hooray!

Of course, one is a number, too...and I'm sure to have some down time. Suggestions for reading material which will be engaging and signal prospective employers that I'm just the guy they're looking for would be greatly appreciated.

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