Friday, February 25, 2005

Say No To Buffalo 

Emailed the school in Buffalo today and passed along my regrets that we'll be withdrawing our candidacy, though the offer sure was sweet. I think I would have missed lecturing and presentation, the heart and soul of my pedagogy, in the five-kid-per-classroom dyslexic environment, no matter how rewarding the intimacy would be. That, and after finally looking at a map to figure out where the hell Buffalo is, we've decided it's just too far away from family.

Felt weird to turn down the only serious lead I've got right now. Harder, too, knowing that they were willing to pay more than most, and put us in a house upon arrival. But we're not just looking for any job, after all. The more I move on, the clearer the vision gets. I've got my list of criteria, and I'm not going to settle for anything under 80%.

In other moving-on news, some friends stopped by to take a look at our house this afternoon. "I wish you weren't leaving," they said. Me, too," I said. I danced with their kid and ours, moderating play while the grown ups toured the nooks and crannies.

Priorities, man. I'll take teaching the two year olds to share over a kick in the heart any day. It's easier, though, if you don't think about the fact that some administrator is making you take your kid away from all her friends in June.

Coming soon: Two weeks vacation starts next Thursday, followed by a last term before leaving, spent half-time and full-pay, thanks to paternity leave. Oh, and God willing, the new baby arrives April 18th.

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Yea - Buffalo is out there. Big time.

I have a few friends in the Buffalo region.

Believe me, they are very out there too...
I beg to differ, oh unenlightened ones.
Buffalo is at most a 4-5 hour drive from where you are, believe me, I've done it.
Oh, guess what!!! You can actually afford to buy a house here and live nicely on one person's (decent) income.
We have beautiful lakes in the summer, and plenty of skiing in the winter.
It snows waaaay more in the Berkshires.
Cultural activities up the wazoo. (A term I have never before used but was too perfect for that sentence.)
Big town benefits, small town feel.
Charter schools a-plenty some with prep school clientele, and prep schools!
Plenty of teaching opportunities on the horizon.
Education is the second largest industry in town.
And Amherst, (if you can handle suburbia) is the safest town in the nation. True.
I knew this one would bring you back out of the woodwork, Barbara. If it helps, know that your presence -- and the school you attend, of course -- was a major factor in considering the opportunity seriously.


1. Mapquest says it's 430 miles to Buffalo from here. Not likely a 4-5 hour drive, unless I want my license suspended again. I think you may be thinking we're on the other side of the Berkshires -- a two hour drive over the mountains from here.

2. It's an additional 80 miles from Buffalo to Boston, where my parents are. It is their home, and my wife's parent's in Bratlleboro VT, which determine that driving circle.

3. I was, indeed, attracted by the culture -- and the school I was looking at was in suburbia, too, and came with house (so no need to think about buying one). I think we're just not ready to be more than a few miles past the Taconic.
I STILL say all ya Buffalonites (Buffalonies? Buffalonettes?) are out there!
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