Saturday, February 19, 2005

Really, Seriously Sick 

Managed to maximize my energy for Friday's full morning of interviews at a prep school which will not be named despite a coldstopped brainbuzz that kept me up all night. Crashed at home as the drugs began to wear off, but mostyl that just meant hours upon hours of bored chairstaring while the nose ran and ran and never got any farther from my face, more's the pity.

Now it's been almost 72 hours since I slept. I lie in bed at odd hours day and night and close my eyes, but what seems like hours waiting turns out to be a timeskewed minute or two when I open them again. The nose is chapped and stopped, but the big problem now is the sleeploss: how well could I possibly get if I'm doomed to stay awake forever?

My wife thinks I'm a goon for trying to sleep with my head down where my feet should have been for a while this afternoon. I guess I figured the change might do some good. Reportedly, I was babbling about skiing for a while during all this. Can't recall, though.

Getting delirious? No thanks, I already have some. More later, or maybe sooner. Wheeeeee!

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