Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kids 1, Pharmacist 0 

Warning: may be ineffective.

Got one of those killer colds this morning: stuffy head, faucetflow sinuses, and a brainfog that just won't quit. Ordinarily, this is bad enough news. This time around, however, I'm looking at my first full day of interviews at a prospective prep school tomorrow, and I'm not thinking I'd hire a coke-sniffing red-and-sore-nosed mouthbreather who sneezed and sniffled through seven consecutive interview sessions.

Given the scenario the supermarket pharmacist suggested Tylenol Cold Nighttime with Cool Burst, a little blue 4-drug cocktail in pill form, so I did a test run this afternoon. No dice. The antihistemines kept me awake as promised, but the brainfog didn't go away. Chattering a mile a minute while unable to keep track of what I'm saying is no improvement. Plus, it didn't hit the drip at all. Pretty disappointing at roughly $1 a dose.

So there I was, a half-conscious sniffler despairing behind my library proctor desk, when some students walked in. "Oh, that cold? Here, take our Halls strawberry, and some tiger balm..."

I'm not better. May just have to live with brainfog, and the occasional sneeze and clog. But I can breathe through my nose again, the drip's already fading to something manageable, and that tingly feeling beats sore undernostril any day. My pockets are full of secondhand over-the-counter selfmeds, and it didn't cost me a dime. Damn, I'm going to miss this place.

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