Monday, February 07, 2005

It's The Magic Number 

Another week, another live-from-the-basement broadcast of tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show here on WNMH 91.5 fm. Yeah, most of you can't hear it, though we hope to change that pretty soon -- but that's why I've started posting 3 or more mp3s every week, hot off the playlist.

And speaking of three, to get ready: I got such a great response last week starting the show with a theme (3 calls in the first three songs!) that I decided to run another theme for the first half hour tonight. See if you can guess what it is.

Oh, I know this isn't my usual poetic playlist lead-in. Apologies for those who might miss the prose, but I've been jobshopping almost full-time all week, in addition to my usual more-than-fulltime frenetic vocational activity, and I'm feeling a bit disinclined towards the creative. So...

Playlist follows. Enjoy the free music!

Tributary 2/7/05

De La Soul -- Magic Number mp3!
Jack Johnson -- The 3 R's
The Waifs -- Three Down
John Mayer -- 3x5
Indigo Girls -- Three Hits
The Selector -- Three Minute Hero
Bela Fleck -- Three Part Invention No. 15

Los Lonely Boys -- Heaven
Johnny Cash -- Won't Back Down
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -- Billy The Kid
Ray LaMontagne -- Trouble mp3!
Billy Bragg & Wilco -- Stetson Kennedy mp3!
Ryan Adams -- Desire

Kid Lightning and Nina Gordon -- One More Night
Phish -- Dinner and a Movie
Negativland -- Yellow Black and Rectangular
*The Grascals w/ Dolly Parton -- Viva Las Vegas mp3!
Patty Griffin -- You Never Get What You Want
Willie Nelson -- Time After Time
**Shivaree -- Goodnight Moon mp3!

The Residents -- This Is A Man's World mp3!
Mindy Smith -- It's Amazing
Jeffrey Foucault -- Mayfly
Peter Mulvey -- Shirt
Randy Newman -- Short People
Marc Cohn -- Mama's In The Moon
James Taylor -- You Can Close Your Eyes

You've been listening to tributary, a weekly live radio show serving the Brattleboro (VT), Keene (NH), and Greenfield (MA) region. Mp3s are provided solely for preview and promotional purposes, and as such will be removed next week -- so get 'em while they're hot!

And now, some guilt-assuaging credit where credit is due:

*Thanks to Craig of mp3 blog extraordinaire songs:illinois for turning me on to The Grascals...and for making the mp3 available in the first place. Get yer butt over to Craig's place for one more Grascals tune, and stick around for a holy host of wonderfully eclectic music, with new songs posted often enough to burst a 20 gig iPod.

**Similarly, thanks to Womenfolk, the song blog dedicated to Women in music, for introducing me to Shivaree and passing Goodnight Moon along long before I started hearing it on that other local radio station. Womenfolk posts weekly, but every one's a gem and a half. For example, today's post offers up four new and varied coversongs, and you know how much I like covers...

Sadly, though I'm trying to become a more organized guy these days -- and you better believe trying to successfully jobsearch helps the process -- several other mp3s above, and posted in past weeks, were taken from mp3 blogs now misplaced. If you believe you deserve credit and trackbacks, please let me know!

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Hey, thanks for the kind words. I'm very happy that you enjoyed Shivaree and continue to support Womenfolk; I'll definitely try to keep the posts gem-worthy.

Happy listening!
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