Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I Know What Love Is 

The green plastic toboggan was so perfect for two-year-old Willow and I that, when we moved, we brought it with us, adding it to the communal recreational pile out by the after school play area.

Now the borrowed sled is in the middle of the half-melted skating pond, too far to reach with even the longest broomsticks. And the sled's owner, three year old ex-neighbor Jack, is coming over for lunch today.

Which is how I find myself barefooted in New England winter, pants rolled up to my knees, wading shin-deep in surface meltwater, the submerged ice bowing ominous under my numb, white feet. While my daughter watches from the porch, laughing.

Yes, I know what love is. Now run and get Daddy his slippers, quick.

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