Saturday, February 12, 2005


Almost slept three hours last night, I was so worried I'd oversleep and miss the Massachusetts Driver Retraining Program Attidudinal Dyamics of Driving Course for the second time in as many weekends.

Almost posted my first audioblog today -- eight pre-sunrise minutes from the hour drive down to Springfield, where the daylong course is held, noting such things as the pinkstreak skycolor and the irony of driving to a class on how to drive. Seems, however, that the wind, while selectively filtered live ear-to-brain, is nonetheless disastrous to the 8-bit clarity of the iPod voice recorder. Windscreen hack, anyone?

Almost lost my license there for a minute, but the class wasn't so bad. An energetic, self-absorbed shopaholic latina teacher and some pretty unique and commiserative fellow students made up for the boring stupidity of subject. Bonus: 40 cops doing a retraining in classrooms adjacent to our gang of petty criminals and court-ordered attendees. We all ate lunch together, gleefully aware of the irony of cops and robbers on an otherwise deserted American International College campus.

Almost managed to skip the temptation of an email check for an afternoon nap on the way back, since I knew the kid and spouse would be up at the in-laws for a while yet. Instead, let my tired ass get dragged into an hour long defense of how the school was handling the theft of a student's iPod. I can see he'd be frustrated with "keep your door locked means even when you go to the shower," even after the third theft in a year from the same kid, but what part of "I refuse to accept the police state it would take to catch even most thievery on campus" seems unclear to you?

Back home, almost managed a flawless all-daddy bedtime, the first by kid request rather than by default in mommy's absence. From the moment she walked in the door she was mine to de-coat; we moved seamlessly from supper to bath, through bottle and story, toothbrushing and the last of the amoxicillin. (I'm especially proud of how I handled the pee in our shared bath.) Almost, that is, until the second windowsill bump-on-the-ear hit before the tears had stopped from the first one. Daddy may be good for bedtimes, but any two-year-old in pain needs only mommy.

And, finally, almost lost 3800 iPod tunes this evening before I figured out how to use the 'pod itself as a recursive library source -- a move made necessary by an IT crackdown on the type of rogue school accounts I tend to use for things like late-night in-office blogging and backup.

Oh, and almost didn't post this tonight...but we're off to sweep out the last of the old deserted apartment, followed by Sunday dining hall brunch and the school dance concert tomorrow. I figured I'd better get this down before I lost it. Heck, I almost did anyway.

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Ugh! You'd think Apple would put some sorta filter in that lil' Ipod.

Well, guess I'm not using one of those next time I get to be a reporter...
Check the link, Shaw -- the device in question isn't Apple-made, but one of the hundreds of iPod "extras" out there made by third-part companies.

In this case, I'm not too concerned. In the house, the record is crystal clear for voice and daughter-signing. When I want to record a concert, I use an old digicam with a broken lens -- I'd have thrown it away long ago, but it still takes great .wavs (an easily iPodable form) with wonderful audio from the audience.
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