Sunday, January 09, 2005

When It Snows, It Pours 

The second major snowstorm in a week kept us home yesterday. After a long unseasonably warm New England December, it seems like Winter is finally here to stay.

The cross-country trails were filled with laughing students, and the little white dog got lost up to her ears in the deep powder. Everytime the plow came through, she barked at the window like the devil was coming. But I hardly noticed. Instead, while Darcie and her two-year-old helped Willow sifted clothes into donate and keep piles, I spent the entire snowed-in Saturday in the attic listening to downloaded mash-ups with the headphones on, reorganizing years of accumulated stuff in anticipation of our impending move.

Yes, move.

After seven years in tiny apartments -- five in the dorm and then, just a year ago, in the once-attic of the old infirmary -- with only five months employment remaining here at NMH, we've finally managed to get our own little free-standing house all to ourselves. Ah, irony. Thy name is NMH.

Happily, the school will pay to move us, since we're claiming medical necessity. What with my herniated disk and Darcie's impending pregnancy, drygood groceries are starting to stack up in the car; the planned C-section in April would have put us in an untenable position, unable to carry our own children up our own stairs.

The neighborhood we're moving to is filled with children and a disproportionate number of other faculty recently "rightsized." There's a swingset just outside the wondow, and a wraparound porch for Spring. The dorms nearest the house are already closed up as part of of the three-year move towards a single campus. The house itself is small, but cozy, and will easily serve for the time we need.

The folks from the moving company are scheduled for the 31st, so expect more as we get closer. Added to the part-time paternity leave from March to June, I think this will be a healthy way to ease out of the institution with a minimum of fuss and bother. Darcie's bringing over some toilet paper this afternoon to make it all official.

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