Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Unplanned Parenthood? 

Hangin' with Mr. Condom.

Consumer Reports: free condoms given out by Planned Parenthood have the worst performance rating...when inflated with air. ("You end up with a balloon 3 feet tall and a foot wide. They can really stretch an amazing amount.")

I'd write something funny in response, but how to choose? The potential for hilarity seems endless. Especially in an article which includes both the quote above and the phrase "did not burst despite vigorous testing."

Bonus: while PP makes several kinds of condoms -- all of which performed poorly when tested -- the ones in question are melon colored. Hence the product name: Planned Parenthood Honeydew. Honey? Dew? Leave your own humorous responses in the comments below.

posted by boyhowdy | 10:41 AM |

New slogan for PP Condoms: "Don't do the do until you do dew to you." Or somethin' like that...

All of this is kinda taking me back to a story about my alma mata. They used to give out free condoms to everyone...

...until there was a campus crisis because a bunch of folks discovered the condoms were all defective.

Dirty fuckers, I tellya...
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