Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow Daze 

Woke up to the first real snowfall of the year: classes cancelled and a "non-essential staff only" ruling down from above. For a while there, it looked like a day with the snow angel herself, new pink boots and old fashioned runner sled.

Alas, 'twas not to be.

Back when we lived in the dorm, a snow day meant semi-passive supervision; when we left the dorm for peripheral campus housing, I was led to expect that out of sight meant out of touch.

Since then, however, a change in administration has brought an unanticipated change in expectations. Apparently, as the only library staff in on-campus housing, a snow day for students means a long, boring keep-the-place-humming day for me. Meanwhile, the remainder of my otherwise-working peers -- teachers and librarians alike -- stay home snug in their beds.

Now, six inches of powder later, the snow has turned to ice, and the roads grow slick. It'll be a long, dark walk home when my twelve hour shift has ended. It's a gloomy proposition, but it looks as if, from now on, I'll work longer on snow days than otherwise.

Is adulthood, then, to be defined as a time in one's life when a snow day is more bother than boon? When weather brings hardship, not adventure? Pbbbt. How disappointing. I demand equal sledding time, damnit.

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Don't worry....

Confuseus says: Yer in New England, it shall snow (and ice, and rain, and freeze, and all that other yucky stuff) again.
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