Monday, January 03, 2005

Quick! Ack! 

[Update 12:04 a.m. 1/4/05: My apologies if anyone tried to listen. Turns out we're not yet cleared for takeoff. The link below can (and should) be used to access the school auto-stream, but there remains some concern about student DJs and appropriate behavior which a quick group discussion (in re: expectations) should fix. Next week, perhaps...]


Turns out they're now streaming the radio station. My show is on Mondays from ten to midnight, so let's get the lead out, folks!

Playlist will, as always, be posted around midnight. In addition to live-streaming, I will also be posting an mp3 or two from each show, starting tonight. Enjoy the audioblogging!

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Happy New Year! :)

I just stopped by to shamelessly ask for your vote for the BoB award I've been nominated for. Make sure to cast your vote for Nite Owl. Thanks! :)

[By the way, I found you on the list of folks who have "blogmarked" me on BE.]
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